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    Communication From CBDT

CBDT Order extending time for linking Aadhar Number with PAN
Uploaded On ..2018-07-02 12:16:29
Enhanced Service under Tarang Scheme
Uploaded On ..2018-06-21 17:47:40
Financial Power for outsourcing enhanced
Uploaded On ..2018-06-14 12:56:12
Linking of Tarang no. & email Id in HRMS
Uploaded On ..2018-04-13 09:57:14
HRD_CBDT_letter dated 11042018_updation of First Page of Part-I of service Book in HRMS
Uploaded On ..2018-04-11 18:50:15
HRD_CBDT_letter dated 09042018_Implementation of ID Card Module in HRMS_Flowchart & FAQ
Uploaded On ..2018-04-11 15:12:12
Designated Nodal officers for NCLAT_NCLT
Uploaded On ..2018-04-10 10:52:48
Interim Action Plan 2018
Uploaded On ..2018-04-03 11:31:47
Deficiency List of 2006 and 2007 batch
Uploaded On ..2018-03-13 12:17:41
FAQ on LTCG_proposed in Finance Bill 2018
Uploaded On ..2018-02-05 16:45:32
Decentralisation of handling of cases under insolvency & Bankruptcy code 2016
Uploaded On ..2018-02-01 09:48:05
Residential Accommodation_Amended Rules by CBDT
Uploaded On ..2018-01-29 10:01:31
Committee for redeployment of man-power formed by CBDT
Uploaded On ..2017-12-20 16:28:31
Communication of CBDT on Local issues
Uploaded On ..2017-11-22 10:14:43
SOP for issue of notice u/s 142(1) in cases of substantial cash deposits
Uploaded On ..2017-11-16 10:00:55
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