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    Communication From DOPT

CCL_Disabled child-age limit removed
Uploaded On ..2018-07-04 10:47:43
DOPT consolidated OM of 2014 on suspension
Uploaded On ..2018-06-27 12:34:21
DOPT ON Calender of cadre review of Gr A cadre
Uploaded On ..2018-06-25 14:31:00
DOPT OM dated 15062018
Uploaded On ..2018-06-22 11:59:47
LTC for civilian employees serving in NER etc. _Family left behind at other station
Uploaded On ..2018-05-04 10:19:17
DOPT OM_three photos_uploading of pension papers
Uploaded On ..2018-04-13 10:01:52
DOPT OM dated 23-03-2018 on DPC Calender and year upto which APAR to be considered
Uploaded On ..2018-04-11 10:50:48
DOPT OM dated 28032018_Grant of Vigilance Clearance for Passport
Uploaded On ..2018-04-02 10:55:56
DOPT OM dated 27032018_LTC to Railway Employees granted
Uploaded On ..2018-04-02 10:49:54
CCS (Leave) Rules_second amendment
Uploaded On ..2018-01-15 09:58:15
DOPT OM_daed 19-01-2017_Sealed Cover cases
Uploaded On ..2017-12-19 11:42:18
Uploaded On ..2017-12-19 11:41:13
DOPT_Revised Rate of Deputation Allowance
Uploaded On ..2017-12-04 11:04:58
DOPT OM of 1967 on forwarding of application for other employment
Uploaded On ..2017-11-09 14:14:37
SHe-Box_Online complained Management System titled Sexual Harassment electronic Box
Uploaded On ..2017-11-02 12:06:23
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